Wreath of Leaves made with Leather Scraps

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Wreath of Leaves made with Leather Scraps

Do you save your fabric scraps? I’m a huge fabric horder and I also hold on to fabric scraps, no matter how small they are 😅 Whenever my scrap-pile gets to large, I start looking for another DIY project where I can bust my scraps.

I’ve been sewing a lot of faux-leather bags lately, so my pile of leather scraps has inadvertently increased as well. Being able to sew or make something of your fabric scraps is part of sustainable living for me. I think you need to be able to get to most out of your resources. Just like cooking: it’s fantastic if you can cook your own meal with a set of ingredients – but it’s even more impressive if you can make a dish out of leftovers that tastes great and is healthy. When it comes to sewing, I feel the same way: I want to use every inch of fabric and make the most of it.

For my faux-leather scraps I’ve decided to make a colorful wreath of leaves. I cut out small leaves from my scraps, punched two small holes through them and used a wire to shape them into leaves. In our video I’ll show you can make your own wreath of faux-leather leaves:

Check out our video tutorial:

The wreath of leaves is a quick DIY project that you can prep in front of the TV. I’ve cut out the leaves and formed them with the wire while watching TV. To me that’s super relaxing, watching TV and doing something creative with my hands. LOVE.

You may have noticed that the colors I’ve chosen complement each other perfectly: well that’s not me 😂 I’ve sent Chibi a pic of all my scraps and she sent me a pic back with X’s on all the scraps that match 😍 She’s the best! Having a sewing- or crafting-buddy is so glorious! I would have chosen all the wrong colors and the wreath would never have popped as it does no. I mean, look at that yellow in the mix of blues, greens and violets!


  • (artificial) leather scraps
  • vine wreath
  • wire (in the color of the wreath)
  • Tools: Scissors, side cutter, awl

By the way, the wreath is also a wonderful house-warming gift! So, if you have a lot of (faux) leather-scraps laying around, this DIY project is perfect for you!


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