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Harry Potter clay necklace

I love wearing small amulets over plain-colored t-shirts. This Harry Potter-inspired amulet is relatively easy to make and looks cool with the stamped and gold-embossed lightning bolt.

Harry Potter clay necklace with leaf gold #harrypotter #diy #handmade

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Porcelain clay is also called modelling clay. Instead of buying it you can also make it yourself. I haven’t tried that though.

Step 1

Start by taking a portion of the clay into your hands and kneading it. That way the clay will become plyable. It’s best to cream your hands first with some hand cream – that will make the dough smooth.

Step 2

Roll out the clay. Since you’ll want to emboss it with a lightning bolt, make sure not to roll out the clay too thin. I chose to make my amulet 5mm thick. I rolled out the clay between two backing logs that I usually use for holiday cookies 😂 worked like a charm for the porcelain clay.

Since porcelain clay needs to air dry for a couple of hours (I let mine rest for 24h), I rolled the clay out on a plastic folder with a piece of carton in between for stability. That way I could move the folder with the clay pieces on top around and out of the way to let dry.

Schritt 3

Use a cookie cutter to cut the clay. Be careful not to distort the clay.

Step 4

With a toothpick, make a small hole near the top of your clay amulet.

Step 5

Now cut a lightning bolt from a thick sheet of carton and press it slowly into the amulet. You can also use a stamp, if you have one!

Let the amulet rest for 24h until it’s completely dried out.

Step 6

As soon as the clay pieces are dry (you should be able to pick them up off the plastic folder/foil without leaving any remnants), you can clean up the forms. Dip your finger into some water and use it to smooth the edges of the amulet and the top (if necessary). You’ll need to let the clay dry again before moving on to the gold foil.

Adding gold foil: First, you have to apply a thin layer of foil adhesive on top of  the stamped lightning bolt and let it dry for about 20min. Then, carefully, take one sheet of metal foil from the package and place it over the amulet. With a dry brush (or with a cotton swab) carefully press the foil onto the lightning bolt. Now let the amulet rest for another 12h. Once dry, you can brush away the remnants of the metal foil. To secure the foil, now carefully brush on some finishing varnish.

Harry Potter clay necklace with leaf gold #harrypotter #diy #handmade

Step 7

Now attach the amulet to a string or to earring hooks. DONE!

Harry Potter clay necklace with leaf gold #harrypotter #diy #handmade

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